Captain Cootes Route – much better than expected

April 13 2018.  On this cold, grey (but dry!) morning 2 very nice volunteers, Dolores and Sandra, provided much appreciated skill in finding and counting 47 species with 765 birds in total! Highlights were 2 full adult Bald Eagles and a pair of Horned Grebes. One eagle carried a fish in its claws – to a nest perhaps?
Cold light wind but very birdy along the shore with about 100 of each Bufflehead, Ruddy Duck and Double-crested Cormorant. Also one Pied-billed Grebe, 1 flyover Common Loon, 1 Caspian Tern, 11 Tree Swallows, 2 pairs of Ring-necked Ducks, 3 White-throated Sparrows with one in full song, and 3 sightings of Osprey from different locations along the shore, one hovering repeatedly over the island area — very nice to watch. A good birding day ahead of the ice storm!

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